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by Illum Wikkelsø

Illum Wikkelso Design Croissant Lounge Chair


A distinctive shape

The Croissant Sofa and Lounge Chair, by midcentury Danish architect and designer Illum Wikkelsø (1919–1999), represent an elegant and playful take on the traditional typology of the Chesterfield sofa and club chair. He redefined these classic pieces for a more relaxed audience emerging in the optimism of the 1960s. The distinctive ‘croissant’ shape reflects the same ingenuity and sense of humor that saw him mount a sail onto his bicycle for speedier travel as a child.

Illum Wikkelso Design Croissant Lounge Sofa

Confident curation

The Croissant Sofa makes a powerful statement as a stand-alone piece, while the Croissant Lounge Chair works well alone or in pairs as ‘fireside chairs’ or in a members’ club, workspace or hotel lobby. Wikkelsø is a new archival designer to the GUBI Collection – his surprising twist on a classic form fits perfectly within GUBI’s confident curation of bold archival and contemporary designs.

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